Ko Maria Masella Peach toku ingoa. No Mitiaro, Atiu, Mangaia, Rarotonga, U.K mai matou. Ko Luka-Fortes, Ngakaokaoiti, Peach, & Gibbs to matou ingoa kòpù tangata. My name is Maria Masella Peach and I am from the islands of Mitiaro, Atiu, Mangaia, Rarotonga, and the United Kingdom. Our family is the Luka-Fortes, Ngakaokaoiti, Peach and Gibbs family.

" Love is profoundly political. Our deepest revolution will come when we understand this truth. " - bell hooks.


We are the sea and the sea is us 

Kia Orana,

Meitaki ma'ata for taking time out to visit. Art, music and poetry have always been loves. They have been ways to tell a story, express, heal and connect with the innate spirit, Io and others.

Our grandparents who lived in Tupapa, Rarotonga, were part of the migration in the 60s and the South Island, Dunedin, Motueka, to the city, when Auckland was developing and work was booming. Our roots are grounded in South Auckland and steeped in working class history.

After high school, I went to University with a 'plan,' to go to Japan and teach English. After a year and a half, I had enough and moved to Australia, to try something new. There I worked in hospitality, in hotels, motels, bars and restaurants. 

In Australia,  I came across meditation. Meditation has been a massive part of my life for 22 years, a constant and life sustaining. Before I returned to Aotearoa, NZ, our esteemed meditation elder Bhai Sahib, 


interpreted a dream I had, which lead to studying medicine back home. Our mother's parents had also just passed away. 

Now living and working in Rarotonga. Been signing artwork with middle name Masella since I was 15. 

Kia manuia

Our ipukarea

Drawings on our ipukarea, homeland

                                                               Latest work
                                            Art from 2016+ included on website
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Island home
1m x 1.5m
not for sale

Te Maunga Te Aroa
Drawn after climbing 
Te Manga, Jan 2020
A1, not for sale

Holding you, Innate Spirit
A2 size

Angels in Heaven.
Request from  friend
A3, not for sale


Finding Meditation
- for a new series


Love writing, have a collection of poems and have written articles for organisations, also done submissions. Have a book on the way, working on the editing. Been, a content writer, since July 2020, with Spirituality is Medicine (SiM)